Triennial time…

I am here, in Mildura, once again.  This time the stress is at the other end of the scale though – this time I am here as a participant at the Australian Print Triennial and this time I am pretty damned relaxed.

I love Mildura – but I love it more now after being here three times this year.  Each trip has had a different purpose but each trip has weirdly convinced me more that while this is the place of my memories – it is no longer my home.  Not that I couldn’t live here because I think it would be a great spot to live.  But rather by coming back so much and after so much time I have finally managed to lay the ghosts to rest and if I did live here it would be as the person I am now.

So what does the person I am now do in Mildura?  Go to The Art Vault obviously.  I did my residency there, had my first exhibition there but apart from that – the people there have created something so special.  People from all walks of life flock there to be part of what they have created, artists go back time and time again.  To have a printing conference organised by them is just such a special treat and I feel so lucky that I can be part of it.

Moving on then – then we have the Triennial itself.  I will report more next week but printmakers…all over the place…chatting, laughing, discussing.  Oh the joy!!

Then there is the weather…and the food…and the shopping!!  Now I live in a really, really hot place so Mildura at this time of the year feels so lovely – the heat without the burn.  People lounge around outside, stroll about everywhere and it is really lovely to see.  Strolling about I may have consumed quite a bit of food and spent quite a bit of money on shopping but hey…it is all part and parcel.

So my poor husband, who has been so supportive this year and has been left with the children and the house quite a bit, says that I am on a junket.  I try to deny it but the grin on my face gives me away.  My grant for a year of professional development has been full on – one I wasn’t even sure I would get through a couple of times.  But I did – I made it.  And I seriously can’t think of a better way to finish off the year than here, hanging out with other artsy people while internally celebrating my journey this year and how much joy it has given me.  I am extremely grateful.

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional and remote Australia, administered in Western Australia by Country Arts WA. Stepping Up is auspiced by HARTZ (Hedland Arts Council) Inc.



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