Times of change…

I feel like those facebook posts that say OMG – only xx days till Christmas!!  I just can’t get my head around the fact that it mid October already.  So much has happened recently in my life that my head feels like it is spinning and I wonder if it is ever going to stop.  Most of it is good mind you – but I have that feeling of pressure – like if one more person asks me to do one more thing I think my head might simply explode.

We moved house lately – and that was a big one.  I am definitely still recovering.  I am also still cleaning out the other house we were in and that is leaving me feeling a little sad as I wipe away the traces of little hand prints on walls but also extremely glad that this is the last time I will have to clean those walls!  I am like an emotional ping pong ball.

There is also that weird feeling of things not being in the right spot.  I nearly burnt myself making a cup of tea the other night because strangely enough the bench in the new house is just not in the same place as the bench in the old house and when you are tired and on automatic it is hard to remember which house you are in.

I have also made some big decisions about my future as I have mentioned previously – shutting down my business Moon Stars Play and just focussing on my art practice.  The decision was easy but wiping out the traces of a business I worked really hard for and owned all by myself was more difficult than I expected.  Even my new website that I am working on for myself as an artist – it was extremely weird to delete Moon Stars Play websites that I spent hours creating.  And to stop using my Moon Stars Play logo feels bizarre as well – I love that logo and it always reminds me that simple can be enduring.

So next on my agenda is the Australian Print Triennial back in Mildura.  I will be going to the Triennial such a different person and artist than I was when I went for training in Perth back in February.  How can one person change so much in half a year?  I really couldn’t have predicted the outcome of Stepping Up – I definitely achieved my goal of developing my confidence in myself as an artist which is great but I wasn’t expecting to work out how that and simplifying my life in other ways would make me so much happier.  So I just need to get through this high pressure period, remember that Santa has to come soon (eek!), and that my life is what I am making it.  Which is good.

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional and remote Australia, administered in Western Australia by Country Arts WA. Stepping Up is auspiced by HARTZ (Hedland Arts Council) Inc.



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